Jun 24 2022


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Communication Training: Module IV – Grounding Organisations

The training has five modules. You should at least participate in Module 1 and 5and another one of your choosing. However, we very much encourage and recommend you to participate in all additional modules to get the full picture.

Find more information on all trainings here: https://stay-grounded.org/training/

Module IV – Grounding Organisations
In this module, we get practical. Business flights are a big part of many organisations’ carbon footprints, normalising excessive flying. This is why it is time to ground our organisations! In this module, you will learn about concrete steps and best practices showing how to reduce flights at the institutional level. There are plenty of universities, NGOs, and businesses that just need a little input to reflect on and change their travel practices. This module is for those who are interested in spreading the word within their own organisations and to others.

All slots for the first round of the international training are filled. We might start another round in Autumn, if you are interested in joining please write an email to anne@stay-grounded.org and you will get an info-mail in case the application process reopens.